Employee Testimonials

"My journey at Amerikooler has been a constant adventure in growth. The team's collaborative spirit creates an innovative work environment. Continuous learning opportunities are a big plus, keeping me engaged. Challenges like budget allocation exist, but the overall experience is undeniably positive. Amerikooler is more than a workplace; it's where I evolve and contribute."

Alvaro Gongora | IT

Every day I have interacted with great professionals, who are always willing to offer me their knowledge and support. Thanks to this, every day I learn, improve and grow professionally, which is very important to me. There is a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork. Also, being a part of creating an amazing product from start to finish creates a sense of satisfaction.

Felix Lares | Engineering

Working at Amerikooler feels like being part of a family. Staff members take pride in their work, and each and every staff member is respected for his or her contribution


Amerikooler has given me the opportunity to develop my talent as a software developer and help the Engineering Department reach a higher efficiency. After working here for many years, I can safely say it has been a great learning experience and I always feel encouraged to continue doing my best work for Amerikooler.


It has been a challenging (in a good way) but very satisfactory journey. I personally believe that we have assemble a great team in the last 3 years and we have succeeded because of this incredible team effort. I am very proud of being part of the Amerikooler Family and specially of every single member of my team. I believe that we have a bright future ahead of us and we will continue working on improving every single day! Even when Ak has 37 years in the industry, is a well-known, successful, ad consolidated company in our industry; the upper management has the drive and keep excitement of a startup company. The atmosphere of continue pursuit of growing and excellence, "force" (in a good way) the entire management to re-invent and improve themselves always. Is a very dynamic company and it provides the opportunity of experimenting, growing and achieve mayor goals every single day!

Antonio Perez | Plant Manager

Working for Amerikooler makes you feel like you are part of a big family. Being taught by the best of the team, has made me gained valuable insights and skills that have helped me excel in my role. AK has provided a workplace where I feel valued, supported, and motivated to do my best. Over the years Amerikooler has hired highly skilled, talented, and dedicated individuals who bring value to the company. The team works together to solve problems and overcome challenges, which creates a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. We all work well together, respect each other's differences, and help each other succeed.

Daniel Rievra | Sales

My experience working here has been fantastic; all my coworkers have assisted and supported me in my daily activities. I love my job and would like to continue growing and learning from each member of my team. Working for AK has been beneficial in my life because it is a family-oriented company, not long, ago I was extremely Ill, and my son was also ill, and I was allowed to work from home. I will be eternally grateful for the trust and opportunity.

Susana Morales | Sales

Working at Amerikooler has been a pleasant experience in general, it has allowed me to developed as a professional and apply my knowledge in different areas of production. Amerikooler is a company that grew too fast in the last 2 years, which has left room for constant improvements in its production, which represents a new challenge every day.

Jorge Gomez | Qualiry Assurance Sup

Very good. I have learned a lot because I had never worked in a Kooler factory. I at least work freely and collectively.

Juan Polo | Leadman -Lamination

I have been working in the company for many years and I feel excellent, I have no complaint. There are many advantages one of them is the PTO that helps when we are absent.

Marco Leyva | Insulation