How do I track my order after it ships?

Our Logistics’ Manager will send a tracking number, a bill of lading to the delivery point and a delivery schedule and timetable before we ship any walk-in. To track your delivery, simply reference your tracking number and check on the progress online or by calling the shipping company delivering your walk-in.

If you have any issues, please feel free to call Amerikooler at 1-800-627-5665, and we will be happy to help you locate your shipping schedule and track your delivery.

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How do I unload my walk-in when it gets here?

You will need a lift gate to adequately unload the shipment. Otherwise, you can always unload it piece by piece from inside the truck, but many trucking companies will charge you for the extra time it will take you to do this.

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How do you package your walk-ins?

We pride ourselves on the fact that 98% of our shipped walk-ins are delivered in mint condition. We have perfected our packaging system to include stacking our panels and doors on a palate and shrink-wrapping them with an automated machine (picture the suitcase wrapping machine at the airport) then attaching everything to the palette with large industrial ties.

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How quick can you ship?

Our Quick Ship line of products that we can ship out within 24 hours of ordering.

If you are looking to purchase a customized walk-in, our production schedule and delivery date will depend on the size and complexity of your order. We will be able to give you a detailed timeline and expected delivery date once we generate and get approval on your drawing and quote.

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How will I receive my panels?

Our integrated production network allows us to produce precision-quality products in very short order. Each panel comes conveniently wrapped and automatically labeled with key information such as job and panel numbers, customer name and shipping address, carrier name and pro number.

You can rely on Amerikooler to ship a perfect walk in unit and refrigeration system to you on time, every time. All panels are clearly marked and easy to unload. Every product we ship is protected in transit and at the job site until installed. And because our packaging materials are 100% recyclable, they’re easy to dispose of.

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When will my walk-in arrive after it ships out?

Delivery time of your walk-in depends on delivery location. Amerikooler is located in Miami, Florida, and we are proud to say that we produce, package and ship all products from our 200,000 sq. ft. facility. Most walk-ins ship within 24-hour delivery schedules. Check with our logistic manager for an exact delivery schedule.

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