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AmeriKooler Presentation - Insulation Highlights
AmeriKooler Consistently Consistent - Insulation Highlights

Key insulation attributes and certifications information. More >

Amerikooler Convenience Store Flyer
Amerikooler Convenience Store Flyer

Why choose Amerikooler brand? Quality and durability for long-term performance. More >

Product Brochure Thumb
Product Brochure

Additional details on the complete line of Amerikooler products. More >

Floor Types Thumb
Floor Options Brochure

A detailed look at Amerikooler's floor offerings for walk-in coolers and freezers. More >

quick ship thumb
Quick Ship Flyer

We offer a range of Quick Ship coolers and freezers that are ready-made in the most popular sizes and configurations. Quick Ship walk-ins are available for shipping within 24 hours to anywhere you need Everyday Kool. More >

ActivTek PureKooler
ActivTek™ PureKooler™ Technical Sheet

The ActivTek PureKooler is ideally applicable to cooler and refrigeration equipment. More >

Arch Specs Thumb
Architectural Information (English)

Additional details on the architectural information for Amerikooler products. More >

Convenience Store PDF
Convenience Store Display Coolers

Click for details on our convenience store display coolers, which utilize an advanced computer controlled process for laminating and constructing our insulated panels. More >

Quick Snap Panel

Our panels are insulated with the most advanced, closed cell Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation from our partner DOW chemical. More >

Custom Walk-Ins Thumbs
Custom Walk-Ins

Specific details on our reliable walk-in coolers and freezers. We're the #1 choice for everyday businesses that need to keep everyday items everyday kool. More >

Flush thumb
Flush Doors

Additional details regarding the flush doors available for our walk-in coolers and freezers.  More >

retrofit thumb
Retrofit Door & Frame System Flyer

Additional details regarding the retrofit door and frame system that we have available for our walk-in coolers and freezers.  More >

glass doors thumb
Glass doors, With Shelf & Lights

Additional details regarding the options for glass doors that we have available for Amerikooler walk-in coolers and freezers.  More >

double action thumb
Double Action Traffic Doors

Additional details regarding the numerous double action traffic doors that Amerikooler has available. More >

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